How to change your profile’s color on Skype in 5 simple steps

How to change your profile’s color on Skype in 5 simple steps
  • You can easily alter your profile color on Skype to personalize the look of your account.
  • When you alter a profile’s color on Skype, it will either change the color of your own screen or the background of your messages sent out to others.
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Like many other social interaction programs, Skype enables you to individualize your profile in numerous ways.

There are alternatives for changing how your outgoing messages appear, how your inbound messages appear, and how the background of your entire Skype program appears.

You can also include a profile image or change your profile color.

Here’s how to change your profile color on Skype.

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How to alter your profile color on Skype

1. Open the Skype app on your Mac or PC, and click your profile photo.

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2. Scroll down to and click “Settings.”


Click “Settings.”.

Ryan Ariano/Business Insider.

3. Click “Appearance.”


Click on “Looks.”.

Ryan Ariano/Business Expert.

4. Click the Color choice and select a new color. You will see the background of your incoming messages alter in the small box above it.

  • When you merely alter the color, it will change how messages from other individuals appear in your Skype.
  • If you click on the arrows in the leading right, it will alter how your messages appear in everyone else’s Skype.


Click the arrow on top to alter how other view your messages.

Ryan Ariano/Business Expert.

  • If you wish to alter your own Skype home screen’s background from light to dark, click “Dark” under modes. That will give you a black background with white words.


You can change your Skype to dark mode too.

Ryan Ariano/Business Expert.

5. When your settings are the way you like them, click the “x” in the upper right corner of the Settings pop-up to close Settings.

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