Dana White blasts ‘scumbag’ from report that UFC staff laid off during coronavirus

Dana White blasts ‘scumbag’ from report that UFC staff laid off during coronavirus

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Dana White has actually denied reports of UFC staff being laid off during the continuous worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

After news emerged that Venture, which owns the UFC, has actually laid off 250 team member, a story in Range declared the UFC likewise has let go of staff, which UFC president White said is not true.

White stated no UFC team member have lost their jobs during a live video on his Instagram feed and went off on the reporter who he declared was reveling when providing the news. The story has actually been modified ever since to eliminate the UFC reference.

“( Wednesday), this sleazebag published a story that states ‘UFC hit with layoffs,’ and he was actually celebrating about it,” White stated. “First off, it’s not real. I’m going to inform you men once again: The majority of what you read is not real. Literally these scumbags compose lies and this man was gloating about it and saying things like, ‘Hey Dana, you have bosses now. You must contact them prior to you whatever.’ No I do not. You don’t understand anything about this (expletive) scenario, and you certainly know nothing about the sport, you jerk off.

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” And for someone who’s expected to be a press reporter to be celebrating about people losing their jobs … I stated it in the past, you piece of (expletive): Nobody will lose their job at the UFC. Nobody is getting laid off. It’s not gon na happen. The other side of Undertaking laid some individuals off. I’m not laying any person off. It’s not gon na occur.”

White just recently revealed the UFC 249 card headlined by light-weight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson on April 18 likely will be reorganized to include some battles from other delayed cards while the promo finalizes a brand-new location.

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