The 10 most cringeworthy episodes of ‘The Office,’ ranked

The 10 most cringeworthy episodes of ‘The Office,’ ranked

” Often, I’ll start a sentence and I do not even know where it’s going. I simply hope I find it along the method.”

Well stated, Michael Scott. That’s the ideal way to introduce For The Win’s tribute to The Office, the NBC funny that celebrates the 15 th anniversary of its best today (March 24). For the show that’s still so embedded in American and internet culture, we’ll break down whatever from the very best sports minutes to the very best couples. Since, as Wayne Gretzky Michael Scott states, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take.”

For all its laughs or heartwarming minutes, The Office is developed on cringeworthy moments. Those impossibly uncomfortable exchanges or silences can make the show painful to watch– often just due to the fact that of the scenario and other times due to the fact that several episodes haven’t aged particularly well.

So we’re here to attend to one element from The Workplace that remains frequently debated on the web: Which episode is the cringiest? Here’s our ranking of the top 10.

10 “Criminal activity Help”– Season 5, Episode 5

This is not near the worst thing Michael pretends to have– more on that later– but it’s awkward nevertheless when he fakes having Bruce Springsteen tickets to auction off. He drags it on and on only to then lie about them being taken. — Michelle Martinelli

9. “Company Picnic”– Season 5, Episode 28

Michael unintentionally letting it slip throughout a skit that the Buffalo branch of Dunder Mifflin would be closing down– IN FRONT OF THE BUFFALO WORKERS– due to the economic crisis is simply the worst. THE. WORST. Just thinking of it makes my stomach do flips.– Charles Curtis

8. Each and every single episode with Robert California– Season 8

Robert California’s first look in the Season 7 ending was strange however fine because small dosage. And then he came back the next season, and every scene he remains in is simply uncomfortable. James Spader’s efficiency is undoubtedly next-level to generate such sensations, but oh my god is it cringey. — MM

7. “Double Date”– Season 6, Episode 9

Michael dating Pam’s mom Helene was awkward enough. However then he learns her age and BREAKS UP WITH HER IN THE MIDDLE OF HER BIRTHDAY. GAHHHHH!!! — CC

6. “Andy’s Origins”– Season 9, Episode 3

When Andy believes he’s distantly related to Michelle Obama, he’s beaming with pride about it, however everybody in the office then presumes that indicates his forefathers shackled individuals. And when he asks his mama about it, he then makes the distinction that they carried enslaved individuals, which is much better in definitely zero ways. — MM

5. “Phyllis’ Wedding Event”– Season 3, Episode 15

I wanted to dig myself into a hole and reside in it during Michael’s speech, but at least he was redeemed when he “found” Uncle Al after Bob Vance kicked Michael out. — CC

4. “Gay Witch Hunt”– Season 3, Episode 1

Michael is such an insensitive moron throughout the program, but one of the worst repercussions of his actions is when he outs Oscar. He utilizes a homophobic slur and is too dense and oblivious to appreciate why it stinks, and after he’s reprimanded for being so obtuse, he outs Oscar. And after that he finds new ways to make it even worse, culminating in him kissing Oscar in front of everyone in the conference space– a moment which Steve Carell improvised It’s so unpleasant. — MM

3. “Diversity Day”– Season 1, Episode 2

Yeesh. All sorts of uncomfortable and problematic, leading to bottom, right up until the moment Kelly (Mindy Kaling) slaps Michael for his extremely racist impersonation. It was cringeworthy then and 10 times more so now, and it’s a tip that early Michael Scott was more of a jerk than an adorable buffoon. — CC

2. “Supper Celebration”– Season 4, Episode 9

Oh, think us. It wasn’t simple picking in between this and the next ep on this list to be No. 1.

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But among the fantastic things about The Office is they found out a method to make some cringeworthy minutes and episodes HILARIOUS while also making us watch through our palms over our faces.

And that’s “Dinner Party.” Jan dancing to the song from her previous assistant, Hunter, that’s plainly about “that a person night” they invested together. The “snip-snap-snip-snap!” quote about getting (and un-getting) a birth control. The fact that Pam is starving and there’s no food to be seen. The teeny flatscreen!

It makes you desire to crawl into a ball. However you’ll be shaking with laughter while in a ball. And that’s why it’s No. 2 — CC

1. “Scott’s Tots”– Season 6, Episode 12

” I have actually made some empty pledges in my life, but, by far, that was the most generous.”

After seeing this episode for the very first time, I declined to rewatch it until just recently, when I needed to for this ranking to advise myself why I refuse to rewatch it. It was absolutely simply as cringey, uncomfortable and torturous to make it through as I keep in mind. Whenever Michael delays breaking the promise he made to a bunch of kids– he told 3rd graders if they finished from high school, he ‘d spend for college, assuming he ‘d be a millionaire already– the episode dives down to a new level of uneasy. He has numerous opportunities to provide the bad news to the now-high school elders– who are using “Scott’s Tots” t-shirts and carry out a song and dance commemorating him– but he keeps his brutal charade going. And when he lastly, lastly owns up to it, his consolation prize for them is a computer system … battery.

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I do not know if it’s Michael squashing kids’ dreams, the painful anticipation building throughout the episode or the realism of the crushing price of college– or some mix of all of the above– however there is no doubt that this episode is The Office‘s cringiest. And I’m never ever enjoying these 22 minutes again. — MM

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