Starbucks giving free coffee to first responders, healthcare workers dealing with coronavirus

Published 8: 18 a.m. ET March 25, 2020| Updated 9: 00 a.m. ET March 25, 2020

Starbucks is dishing out complimentary coffee for first responders and health care workers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The coffee giant announced Wednesday that through May 3 “any client who recognizes as a very first responder or frontline employee supporting our healthcare system” will get a complimentary tall brewed coffee, either hot or iced.

The deal is for police officers, firemens, paramedics, doctors, nurses, healthcare facility and medical personnel and medical researchers, Starbucks stated.

In a blog post, Starbucks said around the world its employees have actually been delivering coffee to hospitals, grocery shops, nursing houses and very first responders.

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Starbucks also stated Wednesday that the Starbucks Structure is donating $500,00 0 for care bundles and medical equipment for U.S. frontline responders.

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Recently, Starbucks switched to a drive-thru and delivery-only model as it continues to adapt to the evolving coronavirus break out. The change began March 21 and is anticipated to last 2 weeks.

The business had formerly announced it was closing some stores and changing to a to-go design in action to the government calling for increased social distancing to help include COVID-19

Uber announced Wednesday that it is using free meals and discounted trips for over 25,00 0 healthcare employees in certain areas of the U.S. who are assisting respond to the COVID-19 break out.

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