Woman struck and killed by 2 cars running across street to get McDonalds for family


The effect of the first cars and truck sent her into the next lane where she was struck once again.

January 20, 2020, 8: 44 AM

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A 56- year-old woman who was running throughout the street to get food for her family has passed away after being struck and killed by two vehicles in a tragic accident.

Laura Bryant remained in northeast Fresno, California, on Saturday night when she tried to cross a busy street to get her family some food at McDonalds however, according to investigators, she didn’t use the crosswalk and poor lighting made it challenging for her to be seen.

Bryant was in the third lane of the road when she was struck by a vehicle. The effect of getting hit then sent her into the middle lane where she was struck by a 2nd passing lorry. Bryant was declared dead at the scene.

” This is an outright terrible event, however this shows the value to not be running in the middle of the roadway at night on a busy road,” said Lt. Bill Dooley with the Fresno Authorities Department to ABC’s Fresno station KFSN “There’s dangers associated with that.”.

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Authorities partly shut down Shaw Avenue, the extremely trafficked roadway where Bryant was killed, California State University, Fresno.

According to cops, the motorist of the very first automobile tried to stop when they saw the victim running throughout the roadway but it was too late. The chauffeur of that lorry was certified with authorities and authorities state that he was licensed and not under the impact at the time of the accident.

The chauffeur of the 2nd lorry that struck Bryant did not stop at the scene and cops are currently looking for that driver to get more info from them on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Police do not presently have a description of the 2nd vehicle and the examination is ongoing.

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