Popular meme accounts on Instagram are suddenly posting for Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign

  • Michael Bloomberg, a 2020 Democratic prospect, has utilized a brand-new project strategy in order to target social-media savvy citizens.
  • The billionaire previous mayor of New York City has partnered with a meme cumulative connected to the popular Instagram page FuckJerry in order to promote his campaign.
  • Instagram influencers like Tank Sinatra, Garbage Can Paul, and Kale Salad published sponsored ads, which looked like direct messages between the Bloomberg campaign and the meme accounts.
  • It’s unclear how much Bloomberg’s project spent for each sponsored post, though it was not likely to put a damage in his $52 billion net worth
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Michael Bloomberg is using his large wealth to invest in a new campaign strategy: social media memes.

The former mayor of New York City announced in November that he was running for president in 2020 as a Democrat The 77 year old, who has branded himself as a champion of working Americans and the middle class regardless of his $52 billion net worth, has pledged in his project declarations “to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America.”

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Given his late arrival into the main race, Bloomberg’s campaign has taken on creative techniques to marketing, tweeting about Girl Gaga, tattoos, and other millennial-focused material during a January Democratic debate in Iowa, and costs over $11 million for a 60- 2nd Super Bowl project ad

The billionaire’s most current project stunt involves social networks influencers and memes. According to The New York Times, Bloomberg’s group has actually tapped Meme 2020, a company established by the mastermind behind the meme-makers at Jerry Media

Jerry Media is known for the popular meme page FuckJerry, which has almost 15 million followers on Instagram. The cumulative likewise dealt with backlash in 2015 for taking memes from other content creators without appropriate credit

According to The Times, the project was launched today and has actually put sponsored posts on popular Instagram accounts like Tank Sinatra, who has 2.3 million fans, and Kale Salad, another account with 3.5 million fans.

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A sponsored post on Tank Sinatra’s Instagram page by Michael Bloomberg.


The posts looked like phony direct messages in between the Bloomberg campaign and the meme accounts.

Another Michael Bloomberg sponsored post on the Instagram account Kale Salad.


It’s uncertain how much Bloomberg’s project paid for each sponsored post. The Daily Monster stated the project was using a “fixed $150 fee” to social media influencers with an audience of 1,000 to 100,000 fans to create initial content. Nevertheless those in Meme 2020 have a significanly bigger audience base.

According to NBC News, Bloomberg also invested over $1 million a day usually for Facebook ads.

While the posts have gained a significant quantity of attention on Instagram, some users have actually called out the campaign for its inauthenticity.

” Tank you’re a beautiful guy, however this is an L,” The Fat Jewish, a meme page with over 11 million followers, commented below Tank Sinatra’s sponsored post.

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