People quarantined at a US military base are petitioning the CDC after a woman who tested positive for the coronavirus was accidentally released from hospital isolation


  • Wuhan evacuees prepared a petition requiring enhancements to quarantine protocols after a lady who was contaminated with the coronavirus was mistakenly launched from seclusion.
  • The evacuees are being held at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar near San Diego, California.
  • The petition notes 5 demands referred to as “critical steps toward alleviating the prospective danger of spreading the virus at the Miramar Center.”
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Wuhan, China, evacuees being held at a military base in California prepared a petition requiring improvements to the CDC’s quarantine procedure after a person contaminated with the coronavirus COVID-19 was inadvertently launched from medical facility seclusion.

Passengers aboard a State Department-mandated evacuation flight from Wuhan, China, the center of the unique coronavirus break out, have been quarantined at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar.

One passenger, who tested favorable for the coronavirus, was inadvertently released from isolation at UC San Diego Medical Center back to the air base on Monday. The woman was released too soon after her results were mislabeled, per the CDC’s methodology to protect patients’ identities, local news station KNSD reported.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the woman and 3 others were released and en route back to the base when it was discovered that three of four tests had not been processed yet.

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” We chose, OK, we’re going to put these individuals in seclusion in their spaces and instruct them not to leave, not to socialize with the general population there at Miramar base, and we’re going to wait on the outcomes of those tests,” CDC official Dr. Christopher Braden told The Union-Tribune. “Well, naturally, as luck would have it, it was among those tests that came back favorable.”

The lady’s signs were described as mild and she was not exposed to members of the general public. The woman was not symptomatic prior to she went to the healthcare facility for testing, so it’s uncertain what effect if any it will have on the others in quarantine at the base. The three individuals she was transported with, however, will likely need to extend their quarantine time, The Union-Tribune reported.

Still those on the base are concerned about their total security. The petition from those in quarantine was written “due to the very first verified case at Miramar combined with the existing safety measures taken at the center,” and the listed improvements were “crucial procedures toward alleviating the potential threat of spreading out the infection at the Miramar Center.”

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The 5 tips in the petition are as follows:

  • ” Everyone in the center be evaluated.
  • ” Avoiding the gathering of big numbers of individuals into little, enclosed environments; suggesting meals be delivered to the door and city center meetings through teleconference.
  • ” Periodic delivery of individual protective equipment to each room, consisting of masks and sanitizing alcohol for in-room disinfection.
  • ” Provision of hand sanitizer at the front desk and in the playground.
  • ” Disinfection of public areas 2 to 3 times a day, consisting of play area, laundry room, door knobs, etc.”

” We actually felt the requirement for these basic things to be resolved,” Jacob Wilson, who is being held at the airbase, told KNSD, “and we hope that the petition would a minimum of be able to address these standard issues.”

–10 News (@10 News) February 12, 2020

Wilson explained what it was like under quarantine at the air base, stating the CDC advised the locals stand 6 feet far from each other, but they are positioned shoulder-to-shoulder for daily temperature level checks, which he said “flies in the face of the protections and preventative measures.”

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” We’re trying our best to disinfect things with the hand soap that we’ve been given, although we do not have disinfectant,” he informed The Daily Monster “We’re disappointed and anxious.”

The 232 Wuhan evacuees got to MCAS Miramar on 2 flights– one on February 5 and the other on February 6. All guests went through 14- day quarantines starting the day they left China.

Hence far there have been 14 cases reported in the United States.

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