11 crew on the quarantined coronavirus cruise ship have contracted the disease — and the rest are afraid they’ll be next


  • Crew members are terrified they’re not being safeguarded enough from the unique coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise liner, several media outlets reported.
  • Eleven crew members were amongst the 218 individuals who have tested positive for the virus.
  • Workers stated those contaminated had consumed and worked “elbow-to-elbow” with the remainder of the crew.
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While passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise liner have remained in quarantine, the crew that attends to them has actually not been, and some are anxious that they’re at a higher danger of being infected with the unique infection, several media outlets reported.

There are more then 3,700 people on board the ship that has been near the port of Yokohama, Japan, and 218 people have actually come down with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19

Japanese health authorities started evaluating those on board for the infection after a male who disembarked in Hong Kong later tested positive for the coronavirus. At first, only 273 were specifically checked for the virus due to the fact that they were either revealing symptoms or connected with someone who had symptoms. Health officials later on started evaluating more people, therefore far 218 have actually checked favorable for the virus, the Japan Times reported

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Sonali Thakkar who deals with the ship told CNN that she’s presently in isolation in her cabin, which she shares with another worker after she reported feeling ill with a headache, fever, and cough.

” We all are truly scared and tense,” Thakkar informed CNN.

According to The Washington Post, employees on board stated 10 shipboard workers tested positive for the infection. Team members were not quarantined like guests, so those who had the infection could have engaged with the rest of the team.

One cook who spoke with The Post anonymously questioned why the crew has not been isolated.

” Are we not part of the ship? If passengers have been isolated, why have not we yet?” he said to The Post.

As of Tuesday, the Japanese Health Ministry validated that 10 crew members were amongst the infected. Other workers told The New York Times, that those contaminated were working and consuming “elbow-to-elbow” in the mess hall with the rest of the more than 1,000 individual personnel.

One extra crew member tested favorable in later screenings, according to the Japan Times. That brings that total number of crew contaminated to 11 as of Friday.

Some of the team provide food to guests, while others like Thakkar work on the gangway where travelers are carried on and off the ship, increasing their danger of coming into contact with someone who has the virus.

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Those on board are frightened that they’ll be the beside fall ill.

Another cook informed The Post: “I am stuck here, and I don’t know if I will go house alive.” He stated he has not been evaluated for the virus.

While the traveler quarantine is set to end on February 19, it’s uncertain if team will be released then too. While some members had agreements that ended last week, they were required to remain and work through the quarantine, one cook informed The Post. CNN reported that they are getting typical salaries and will have paid time off after the quarantine.

Eric Rubin, professor of immunology at Harvard University, told CNN he was worried that keeping everyone on board was actually increasing the threat of more individuals capturing the virus. Up until now, the ship has the highest variety of cases outside of mainland China, where the virus originated.

” I believe a great deal of thought entered into what to do with the passengers, but it puts the team at increased threat,” Rubin informed CNN.

Experts also told The Times that the conditions for team members could undermine the intended goal of quarantine and result in more individuals contracting the virus.

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Team member Binay Kumar Sarkar, who is from India, posted a video to Facebook and later on sent out another video to The Washington Post pleading to Indian and Japanese authorities to get rid of uninfected people from the ship.

Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato told the Japan Times, that those who evaluate unfavorable and are either senior, have pre-existing conditions, or have windowless spaces will be allowed to leave the ship on Friday but will be required to stay in government offered housing.

Up until now, the infection has actually eliminated 1,366 individuals and infected more than 60,000

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