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Pressure continues to overdo the Turkish lira, with the currency weakening some 0.6 percent against the dollar on Tuesday as financiers grow increasingly worried about an escalation of violence between Syrian government forces and Turkish forces in northwest Syria.

An attack by Syrian federal government forces killed five Turkish soldiers in northwest Syria on Monday, threatening more escalation in the region after another deadly artillery strike last week.


Turkish defence officials on Tuesday stated five other soldiers were injured in “intense” shelling in Taftanaz in the northwestern province of Idlib, the last rebel-held stronghold in Syria.

Concerns over Turkey’s increased armed force participation in Syria have actually been weighing on the lira, stated Jason Tuvey, senior emerging markets economist at Capital Economics.

” The most recent developments definitely raised concern that stress will continue to flare up,” stated Tuvey.

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On Tuesday, the lira deteriorated as far as 6.04250 against the dollar from Monday’s close of 6.0075

The Turkish currency had declined to 6.05 on Friday- its weakest point in routine trading given that late May – however recovered briefly on Monday after Turkey‘s banking regulators imposed new limitations on foreigners’ ability to borrow lira and bet against it.

Turkish state banks have offered tens of billions of dollars over the last year to stabilise the lira, which lost some 36 percent of its worth in the 2 years following a currency crisis in 2018.

Bloomberg News, citing 3 traders with understanding of the matter, reported on Tuesday that government-backed lending institutions have actually sold around $500 m today defending the lira.

Such interventionist procedures by authorities can buoy a currency against market forces. But Capital Economics Tuvey believes such procedures are not sustainable.

” The Turkish authorities have kept a tight grip on the lira in current weeks however we don’t believe that this can continue for much longer and expect the currency to fall by 20%against the dollar by end-2020,” Tuvey wrote in a research study note to customers on Monday, including that “The longer that policymakers intervene to prop up the lira, the greater the danger of a disorderly adjustment.”

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Turkey’s central bank has actually strongly slashed its benchmark rates of interest considering that last July. It now stands at 11.25 percent and inflation has been speeding up in current months.

Lower rates of interest tend to weaken a currency and stir inflation however such measure can spur financial growth by making it less expensive for customers and services to borrow cash to broaden consumption and production.

In December, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told state broadcaster TRT Haber that the country would attain single-digit interest rates and inflation in 2020.

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