January 19, 2020
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India demolishes buildings for violating environmental norms

India demolishes buildings for violating environmental norms

Authorities in the southern Indian state of Kerala have taken down two high-rise luxury apartments in one of the biggest demolition drives in the nation


SUBRAMONEY IYER Associated Press

January 11, 2020, 11: 07 AM

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KOCHI, India–
Authorities in southern Kerala state on Saturday took down two high-end high-rise apartment or condo structures for breaching ecological norms, in one of India’s largest demolition drives involving domestic complexes.

The razing of the unlawful houses constructed really close to a swank lakeside in the state’s Maradu district occurred after a court in 2015 purchased their demolition for violating laws that restrict building within a certain distance from the sea, rivers, lakes or other water bodies.

The houses were a pale shadow of their former glamorous appearance after demolition agencies tried the structures for two months, minimizing them to a bare skeletal frame. The buildings came crashing down in seconds as a thick cloud of smoke infect around 200 meters (backyards).

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Practically 2,000 people in neighboring houses were left prior to the demolition, which was seen by ratings of individuals who recorded the occasion on their mobile phones.

The remaining 2 structures will be demolished on Sunday.

The court order last year had come as a shock to more than 300 house owners. When all legal options to stop demolition were tired, they turned to protests and appetite strikes. Lastly, when the administration snapped the power supply, they were required to abandon their homes.

Hours prior to the demolition, some of the citizens gathered to the site for one last view of their former homes.

Ecological specialists have actually raised issues that the demolition of the 4 structures will have a big impact on Vembanadu Lake, which is an ecologically sensitive area.

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